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Published: 23rd February 2010
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The yearning to go on a pilgrimage or places of interest and visiting many attractions at the same time, Indian Railways offers the provision of getting Circular Journey Tickets. These tickets provide you exceptional travel litheness, as they are given for all journeys despite the normal routes, which commence and end at the similar stations. Circular journey Tickets can be bought for all classes of travel. An utmost of eight break journeys will be permitted on these tickets. Standard Circular Journey Tickets are provided too by Zonal Railways. These envelop well-liked destinations for the expediency of travelers. The features of route, price of the ticket etc., for these tickets can be acquired from designated stations in each Zonal Railway. You can buy these tickets if any one of the normal routes goes with your convenience or else you can enlighten the Zonal Railways about your journey and Circular Journey Tickets can be drawn up to suit your necessities.

Benefits of getting a Circular Journey Ticket Reserved

Circular Journey Tickets offer you the privilege of reasonable rates, which are comparitively lower than normal fares. With circular tickets, you not only save time but also the hassle of booking ticket as the each lap of the journey ends.

Reservation Method of Circular Journey Ticket

1. Once your journey dates are confirmed, you can meet the Divisional Commercial Manager of the Division of some chief stations to which the trip commencing station belongs. The Divisional Commercial Manager or the concerned officers will then analyze the fare of the tickets depending on your journey. He will also report to the Station Manager of the same in a prearranged plan.

2. Then the Circular Journey Tickets can be availed by offering this form at the Booking Office of the station from where you plan to commence your journey. After buying the Circular Journey Ticket, you must go to the Reservation Office to book your accommodation for several laps of your trip. You will then be given reserved journey ticket for the trip.

3. There are no Standard Circular Journey Tickets given by Southern Railways, just non-standard Circular Journey Tickets as per the details given by the travelers are issued by the Southern Railways. A Circular Journey Ticket is charged for as two single trips, the distance end to end of each single journey being taken as half of the whole distance.

4. There is a special concession on the cost of the Circular Journey Tickets for Senior people of the country when commuting for a least distance of 1000 kms.

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